Pure Awareness Book
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In this brilliant book, Tom has distilled out of his vast experiences the simplest and most useful tools for creating profound and lasting change in your life. The unique thing about Pure Awareness is that it is a practical guide that actually shows you how to really remove your inner barriers and conflicts. It is unlike any other program for enriching your life that I’ve ever seen. I am truly grateful to Tom for his help in my life.

What if you had...
5 simple techniques you could use right now to have an experience so pure, so fully alive, that it would literally change the way you see your life—immediately?

— Jack Canfield, co-creator of Chicken Soup for the Soul™

From the Pure Awareness book:

“Some people find it easier to just shift their attention from noticing the activity of the thoughts to noticing the silent background in which the thoughts are occurring. As you notice this silent background, you’ll realize that you can be aware of it even while the thoughts are coming and going. Just allow yourself to favor noticing the silent background, and immerse yourself in that silence.

“Now that you have directly experienced Pure Awareness you can see what I mean by how simple and easy it is to have this experience. This is because there is nowhere to go, there is nothing to do. It is just a matter of noticing the background of silence in which your thoughts and perceptions are occurring. That’s it. It is simply your own awareness being aware of itself!”


"I had spent 14 years in personal development—I read over 100 books, and attended countless seminars. At one point, I attempted to add up how much I spent and it was over $120,000 in my search to "find me." But I always felt there was still something missing. Through Tom's teachings, I feel like I hit the jackpot."

"I have completed and permanently moved through all those inner conflicts; I have let go of the stories and over identifications and I now feel free, alive, more aligned with my life and back in love with my life. Other teachings come close; but NOTHING is so simple, precise and gives you immediate results like the Pure Awareness Techniques that Tom so masterfully teaches."

— Michelle Humphrey

"I had a library of hundreds of hours of audio and video of [Eckhart Tolle] talking on the topics he discusses. I had listened and watched everything multiple times. I also had studied his books, and read them several times, but even with ALL of that, and as brilliant and articulate as Eckhart Tolle is, I was not able to effectively dismantle the habits which caused me to over-react or be reactive in general. With the Pure Awareness model I was able to shift patterns very quickly and I noticed my reactive tendencies were changing after only a few sessions. That was profound! "

— Paul Rarick, OptimaLife Coaching

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